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Apple Heart And Apple Butterfly - Valentine Day Idea

>>  1/31/2010

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I have many people visiting my blog by searching "How to make an apple butterfly". As many of you I love butterflies too. When I was a child I had a collection with bugs, moths, dragonflies and other flying creatures. We have a short summer season here on Sakhalin. The most of things from my collection were found  sleepy between window glasses and in some warm places in the balcony. 

In this video I show how to carve a butterfly pattern on an apple. It's not so difficult. You may do that with a knife only. Though some special carving tools will be in help. See this video to understand how to make an Apple Heart for Valentine Day.

Download the video

Download Apple Heart & Apple Butterfly video 

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Alexia Parada February 7, 2010 at 9:18 PM  

What is the tool name you use to make the carving around the heart??

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