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Fountain Of Love

>>  9/26/2009


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"Fountain of Love" fruit arrangement for a wedding party at MegaPalace Hotel.

Vegetable carving arrangement is made from:
Horse radish,


Sweet Arrangement With Chocolate Eggs

>>  9/12/2009

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Sweet arrangement with chocolate eggs in a shape of red berries and yellow flowers and chocolate bars. Check out how to make chocolate bouquets at home.


Thai Carving Techniques On Melons And Squash

>>  9/11/2009

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September is the right time to practise vegetable carving techniques here on Sakhalin Island. The most vegetables I grow myself. The squashes in the pictures are from my garden. I've tryed to grow melon and watermelon and I have had a fault. That was a bad idea because a hot house and good lighting are needed for a good result.

The photofraphs were taken from my website which is not exist anymore.

how to carve vegetables

fall display with pumpkin

rose carved in squash

fall project with vegetables

vegetable carving for beginners


Pumpkin Lights

>>  9/10/2009

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Do you love Halloween? Looking for attractive patterns? Check out my collection of cute pumpkin lights.

Silly Face pumpkin light

pampkin light

pumpkin light

Decorative pattern on pumpkin light

Scorpio pumpkin light

Tattoo floral pattern on pumpkin

Heart pattern on pumpkin

Black Cat pumpkin light


Wedding Watermelon With Birds, Evergreen Bar

>>  9/05/2009

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It was a wedding party at Evergreen Bar in Strawberry Hills. Evergreen Bar is a nice cozy place on the 3rd flour with large westward windows. There is a breathtaking view of the sunset from it.

The party was taken for a small circle of freinds and relatives. I carved a watermelon with birds pattern and Orange Sun fruit sculpturefor them.

More pictures from the party:


Sea Theme Wedding Party, Olympia Park, August 2009

>>  9/04/2009


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Fruit Carving Tutorials

It was a signifacnt day for Igor and Yana, a young couple whose wedding party was arranged specifically in a marine style. The party was decorated with baloons in a shape of octopus, shrimps and seahorses. There were vases with sand and shells for flowers. My job was to decorate a buffet table with fruit carving arrangements picturing an underwater world. We decided on a watermelon ship, coral reef and a melon shell with tropical fish.

Watermelon ship to decorate a buffet. Ship was filled with watermelon balls.

Melon shell was displayed on bride&groom's table. The Shell fruit arrangement pictured a shell with treasure and underwater inhabitants as exotic fish, coral and weed.

Coral reef have had fish, hydranth, starfish, weed and coral made form fruits and vegetables.

On a bar desk we placed chocolate fountain with fruits to eat. Each plate contained a marine figure decorarion (a crab, a fish, a turtle)

Apart from my edible crafts there was a wonderful baked sailing boat made of dough.


Tools for soap carving

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