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Sea Theme Wedding Party, Olympia Park, August 2009

>>  9/04/2009


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It was a signifacnt day for Igor and Yana, a young couple whose wedding party was arranged specifically in a marine style. The party was decorated with baloons in a shape of octopus, shrimps and seahorses. There were vases with sand and shells for flowers. My job was to decorate a buffet table with fruit carving arrangements picturing an underwater world. We decided on a watermelon ship, coral reef and a melon shell with tropical fish.

Watermelon ship to decorate a buffet. Ship was filled with watermelon balls.

Melon shell was displayed on bride&groom's table. The Shell fruit arrangement pictured a shell with treasure and underwater inhabitants as exotic fish, coral and weed.

Coral reef have had fish, hydranth, starfish, weed and coral made form fruits and vegetables.

On a bar desk we placed chocolate fountain with fruits to eat. Each plate contained a marine figure decorarion (a crab, a fish, a turtle)

Apart from my edible crafts there was a wonderful baked sailing boat made of dough.

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