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Daikon Salad With Syabu-Syabu Dressing

>>  6/20/2009

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Salad Garnishing

Delicious, healthy and my fav salad from "Nihon Mitai" sushi bar's menu. Here is a recipe of this famous salad garnished in my way.

For salad you need:

Syabu-Syabu sauce


For the camomile garnishes you need:


Carving tools.

How to do:
Cut (or grate) daikon in thin long noodles. Wash noodles in cold water to remove juice. Arrange daikon noodles on the plate, add Syabu-Syabu sauce and some parsley.

For the camomiles cut a thin slice from a daikon. Using a thai knife carve a camomile flower. To make a flower center cut a ball out of carrot with a bowl-shaped knife. Arrange the camomile garnish on the plate by the daikon salad.

Enjoy healthy food with garnishes in my way :)

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