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Great Updates: A Personal Exhibition, Fruit Carving Tutorial and Shopping Time

>> 8/20/2014

What is new in the studio?

I am proud to announce that I am scheduled for a personal exhibition at Sakhalin Art Museum in December 2014 - January 2015. I will present soap carving art works and fruit carving displays. I team up with my friend who is a painter and a craftwoman to do installations involving her paintings and crafts, my ikebana skills and our vision for art.


The other great news, I have written a book.

This is a tutorial on making fruit carving models and displays for children. This book is a collection of my best selling fruit ideas invented for Baby Showers and children's birthdays, and it covers 3 year creative work experience of mine. There are lot of step-by-step pictures and detailed comments about the process in the tutorial.
The English text was fine-tuned by my friend Kathleen Richardson from Corning New York, USA, so reading the book will bring you a pleasure.
Buy this book in the Shop page.


Visit my Etsy Shop for cute post cards based on my fruit carving displays and paintings. You can use the cards as invitations to Baby Shower or a party. You will find Halloween cards, Valentine's cards and simply cute cards in the shop. The cards can be framed and used as a decoration.

One of my favorite post cards is "Let's Hang Out" card with two animals at disco. The card looks good in both rotations, regular and turned upside down.

disco post card
Regular rotation of the card



Wedding Watermelon Carving Design With Cupids And Hearts

>> 8/12/2014

wedding watermelon carving
Cupids play with hearts

Hello everyone!

I am back to blogging and really happy to have you visit my webpage. Work and life kept me away from the Net. Sometime things were hard and seemed wrong so it made me think something should be changed. I needed time to obtain a balance.
So now, things seem improving and I have great news which I share in my next post.

I send to all of you a heart greeting. The attached photo is my latest watermelon carving made for a wedding in July. The playful cupids care for Love in our Hearts.

event decoration with fruits
Wedding decoration with fruits



Samurai Fruit Tower

>> 5/18/2014

I have a customer Tatiana. Her children love japanese anime very much. Last year I did Totoro fruit display for her daughter. This year she asked for something cool for her son.

When we discussed what the fruit display could be, Tatiana showed me a photo of a Samurai cake. That cake was created by Buddy Valastro,  a star of Cake Boss TV show on TLC. Tania's son got crazy about the Samurai when he saw it on tv. So we thought that he would be happy to get a Samurai fruit tower for his birthday. 

My Samurai has a watermelon head and a pumpkin helmet.
The tower size is 45x45x70 cm.

samurai watermelon carving
Samurai fruit tower

samurai helmet pumpkin carving
Samurai watermelon carving and a helmet carved of pumpkin

how to carve fruits for money

cake boss tv show
Samurai cake by Buddy, Cake Boss TV show on TLC


Fruit Carving Show

>> 5/13/2014

When Tom Cruise and Olga Kurilenko broke an ice sculpture at a Taiwanese premiere of Oblivion, and the Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs did a Watermelophant Contest, I got that carving art could be turned into an entertaining show. I've had a dream to do a fruit carving perfomance one day. I took down a plan of my possible show including jokes, funny stories and sketchs of garnishes which could be intersting to visitors. I was prepared to meet my chance :)

The opportunity came to me in the begining of May, when I did a Fruit Carving Show at a movie preview "Kitchen In Paris", a comedial story about a russian cafe in Paris. 

It was a 30 minutes fruit carving perfomance in the cinema theater before the movie. After a short presentation I involved people in to the art of drink garnishing. 

I had some cretaria for my show:
  • beign kids friendly with family content
  • using easy techniques with a simple knife
  • show fruit garnishes that people do not expect to see
  • connection with the movie theme

Instead of 30 minutes I had 1 hour show. When the movie started I still had people at my desk. 

See the following pictures of the show.
Photos by Sergey Shalin

drink decoraton

fruit carving show

cocktail decoration show

drink decoration how to
Speed limit "Five drinks in hour"

cocktail decoration master class

drink garnish

cocktail decoration

More photographs of the show are published here


Fruit Tray For Kids

>> 4/25/2014

baby shower fruit ideas
Fruit tray for a baby shower
This fruit tray was made for a child boy's birthday. It is garnished with my favorite fruit decorations for kids, which are sculptures made of oranges and apples, Teddy Bear and Auntie Owl.

You can learn how to make these nice fruit sculptures from my tutorial "Cute Fruit Sculptures For Children". The PDF tutorial will be usefull for beginners and advanced artists, it teaches how to do fruit decorations which look professionally made. You will learn how to use the cute fruit sculptures in fruit bouquets, fruit baskets, fruti trays and cakes. All these displays are perfect decorations for baby showers and children's birthday party.

PDF tutorial with step-by-step instructions "Cute Fruit Sculptures For Children"

baby shower party idea
Table decoraton for baby shower


Watermelon Easter Cake

>> 4/19/2014

Happy Easter!

Today we have a watermelon Easter cake :)

eater watermelon carving
watermelon Easter cake

how to garnish Easter table
Cakes are the main garnishes of Easter table


Wedding Fruit Display With Heart Candle Light

weding fruit carving display

This is my new wedding design. The top of the display is a pumpkin heart with a candle behind the sculpture. When it gets dark the candle witl lighten the decorative centerpiece.

Last year I did 3D pumpkin heart sculpture. That heart consisted of two halves. 
Today I modified the idea and added a candle to the display. 

wedding watermelon carving


Easter Basket With A Bunny Of Fruits

>> 4/12/2014

Would you love to have a pair of the long pink ears pop up at your Easter table? I have ones made from fruits. It's an Easter Bunny sitting in the Easter basket with eggs.

The Bunny is made from the yellow apples and a pear.  It's a very easy fruit craft so you can invite your children to help with it.

easter bunny made from fruits
Easter basket with the eggs and fruit Bunny

The basket is decorated with fabric ribbons. The eggs are tied with the ribbons too. 

how to decorate the easter eggs
The Easter basket and eggs are decorated with the ribbons

eater basket
Cute decoration for the Easter table


8 Easter Treat Ideas


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