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Phytodesign With Ferns In Self Watering Santino Planters

>>  6/21/2017

santino latina selfwatering plant pot

When I am free of fruit carving work I sell my green designs. 

I have been asked to create two containers with ferns to be placed in a bathroom corner garden of a client. 

Except of providing a planting design I was charged with the Santino self watering pots I was supposed to plant in. If you have never dealed with this type of planter, it could be a difficult to figure out how to use it. The Santino Latina self watering planter has drenage cartriges which are a smart watering system.

This video is a good help, thanks the guy for the instruction.

As for the decorative part of my design, I used the north moss (gathered on  a local hill), white rocks and shells.

self watering planter santino latina

phytodesign for the bathing corner garden


Eco Fashion And Ikebana Show 2017

The Sakhalin Art Museum, the main art space in the city, has turned to the blooming garden for 3 days in May 2017.

You know that I am a part of the local Ikebana community. We float from one exibition space to the other to bring more beauty to the world. This time the Ikebana community celebrated the 15th anniversary of Ikebana Sogetsu school in our city.

People who follow my blog might remember that I live on the island called Sakhalin. It is in the Far East of Russia and very close to Hokkaido. We are historicaly tied to the japanese culture here. So Ikeana floral art organically came to our life.

sogetsu floor installation
"Spring Catchers" ikebana installation

For this big event I created a floor instalation which I called "Spring Catchers" with using the north bamboo, spring plants and flowers. The painting on the wall is a part of the installation.

Preparing the material and creating the fans of the north bamboo in the workshop

The painting and the plants

Specially for the event I have created a dress of the flower packing materials to show up in the Eco Fashion Defile (here is the link for Eco Fashion 2011). Thanks to the model Angelina for making the look.

eco fashion dress 2017

eco dress
Eco Fashion models

Watch the video from the Show and Eco Fashion Defile:

Oh that's me trying on the dress while making it:

I hope you will like our eco friendly designs

eco friendly dresses


4 Easter Cakes Baked In Lekue Silicone Molds

>>  4/07/2017

Here is my treasure, Lekue silicone molds. These four molds are usually used for Easter baking. 

4 lekue silicone molds

4 Unusually Decorated Easter Cakes

lekue easter baking
A traditional russian Easter cake decorated by a sugar chick and marmalade medals 

how to serve easter dyed eggs
A cake baked in the Imperial Royal Crown silicone mold. This cake is just perfect for serving dyed Easter eggs

4 easter bakings
A cake garnished by a rose carved out of hurma in the center, and some violet flowers

lekue baking easter cakes
A Lekue cake served in a special Easter platter. Baked in the Pumpkin mold


Fruit Tray - 50th Anniversary

More articles about anniversary fruit displays:

fruit extravaganza

Fruit tray with watermelon carving centerpiece, pineapple butterflies, zig-zag kiwi, orange slices and grapes. Mmm, looks so delicious and that is!


7 Garnishes With A Classic Melon Baller

>>  3/25/2017

Take advantege of having a melon baller by making easy and nice garnishes of fruits and vegetables.

Here are 7 garnish ideas to do with the classic melon baller:

  • This tool helps to create chain out of carrot and cucumber. 
  • Mashroom with green and red apples
  • Ladybird of red apple
  • Easy flowers from pineapple, watermelon and melons. The baller makes a sphere center for the flowers
  • Baskets of watermelon and melon filled with balls
  • Scoop out a pumpkin to prepare it for a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern
  • Simple balls of cheese, butter or vegetables (fresh ir boiled) to decorate platters and dishes or even some cakes, use fruits for the purpose then.


Pororo The Little Penguin From Fruits

>>  3/23/2017

fruit display pororo

Pororo the character of the Korean animation "Pororo The Little Penguin" made with orange and eggplant. A special fruit display for my little client at his bifthday. 

More fruit characters for pre-schoolers:

Pocoyo Fruit Display (pre-school animated series)
Totoro Watermelon Carving (Japanese animated movie)


Chinese New Year Fruit Platters

>>  1/29/2017

Red and gold became the theme of our fruit platters made for the Chinese New Year event, by a customer request.

We used mango, strawberry, pomegranate, pineapple, watermelon, grape and oranges for these displays. What made the platters new year specially decorated was the fruit towers with roosters carved of pumpkin and eggplant.

Check out more about the rooster sculpture of vegetables;
Farm Themed Carving Dislays

fruit pletter techniques
Fruit platter with pomegranate, grapes, pineapple, watermelon and strawberry

fruit platter techniques

chenese new year fruit arrangements
Fruit towers with roosters

mango cutting
mango cuts 


Christmas Tree Made With Potatos

>>  12/19/2016

What is this?

christmas tree with vegetable

This is my Christmas tree made for the city Christmas Trees Event.

I used potatos and cocktail straws to build this art object.

Why potatos? Because this is my style.

Got a diploma and a gift certificate to a Spa

I am interviewed by a local media

caring for the tree

"Why potatos? How did you come to this idea?"

"Well, this is my style. I like working with the live materials. A month ago I did some decorating works, and been asked to create something special with using potatos. Then I created the potatos modules and used them for the table flower centerpieces. I thought that the construction units could be a cool idea for building the other objects. So I gave it a try, and here is the Christmas tree."

weird christmas tree

6 hours of work. 6 kilos of potatos. More than 200 straws used.


The 70th Birthday Anniversary

>>  12/08/2016

table fruit display

A large fruit display with a watermelon, lot of fruits and soft fruits.

Made for the 70th birthday party.

More birthday anniversary fruit table displays.

festive fruit tray


Flower Girls On The Fruit Display

>>  12/07/2016

apple flowers

The Flowers Girls have been made of apples to decorate a fruit display at the children party. The smilimg cute faces are carved with a thai knife.

If you want to learn how to create the fruit sculptures of apples and oranges that look cute and nice, you need my tutorial "Cute Fruit Sculptures For Children". That will help you to garnish your fruit trays and party food with the attractive fruit carvings.

cute fruit sculptures

fruit tray children party


Halloween Pumpkin Contest

>>  10/19/2016

pumpkin carving competition

It is October, and it is the right time to take your knives and loop tools to sculpt a pumpkin.

My blog and the friend's are having the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest.

How to enter the Halloween contest:

1. Sign up to

2. Submit a photo of your pumpkin carving at the Halloween contest page

3. Share the link to the contest's photo at your Facebook/homepage/other social network and ask your friends and fans to vote for you.

The winner will be awarded with a PDF fruit carving tutorial from Selena Ze Arteest (

The contest date October 17 - November 03, 2016

No matter what level you are. Everyone is very welcome to take part and win an award. Likes from your friends and fans will bring you success.

Once signed up to, you are able to take a part in the next online competitions, and be awarded with money cash or a prize.

Enjoy the Halloween-2016 to the fullest!


Get A Discount Coupon - 15% Off

>>  10/11/2016

 October is a wonderful time of the year. Everything is amazing about October - changing leaves, comfortable clothes, pumpkins, festivals, and Halloween.

Let celebrate this time. Let thank and dream about coming things. Let create and invent.

My shop is now offering 15% discount for everything! Just type SHININGOCTOBER when purchase at Designed By Selena Ze Arteest on Etsy. The ending date Oct 31, 2016.

How to Apply a Coupon Code

1.) Once you add an item to your cart, click Apply shop coupon code above Item total
2.) Enter the coupon code and click Apply
3.) The coupon discount will adjust your order total


Zentangle Fish Soap Carving

>>  8/19/2016

zentangle fish carving
Zentangle soap carving

My new soap carving souvenirs made for the city fair.

I used some zentangle art ideas to carve the fish.

The word in the soap means Sakhalin, the name of my island.

See more soap carving ideas

zentangle soap carving idea
Zentangle fish


Bride And Groom Watermelon Display

>>  8/18/2016

Bride and groom watermelon carving

One of my latest work is the wedding display with a bride and groom image carved in watermelon. Where are fruits, carved apples, and big red and yellow flowers carved from bell pepper, arranged around the watermelon. A sculpture of two dove birds are on the top of the watermelon.

If you like to learn how to carve the bell pepper flowers as on the photo try the carving technique explained in the tutorial "Bell Pepper. Food Garnish".

Buy this on my Etsy shop or mail me directly to

vegetable edible arrangement for wedding
Bell pepper flowers

edible arrangement with fruits and vegetables for wedding table
Fruit arrangement with watermelon for wedding party
Here is the back side view of the display. I decided to show this picture too ))

View of the back side of the display


Tools for soap carving

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