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Leaf Skeletons - Fall's Soap Craft Project

>>  11/23/2015

soap carving gifts
Say farewell to fall by making beautiful soap carving crafts. Leaf skeleton is a good idea of a gift in late November. This is what we did in my class in the museum on the last Sunday.

soap carving class

soap carving how to class

fall crafts project

Still thinking where to go on weekends in Yuzhno city? Join my classes in the Chekhov's Book Museum. Take your chance to visit the art gallery and try yourself in soap carving. Next meeting on the 13th of December 2015 at 13:00. Book a ticket at the gallery.

sakhalin holidays where to go on weekends

how to carve soap



Halloween 2015

>>  10/31/2015

halloween decorations 2015
Hello, I will be your guide to the castle of  Pumpkin Dracula

Hope you guys had a great Halloween night. Even if you spent that night at home, I hope you did some pumpkin carvings.
I spent the night at the Halloween show in the cinema. Before seeing a horror movie the visitors tried themselves in carving scary faces in fruits. That was a quick class for joy.
I am looking forward to having official photographs of the evil party and monsters at my class :)
Halloween decorations 2015

halloween show 2015

painting of Pumpkin Dracula

sakhalin island halloween party 2015


Halloween carving class

How to carve scary face on fruits

halloween crafts 2015 how to
Halloween carving class
Halloween streets

halloween yuzhno sakhalinsk


Soap Carving - The ZOO Collection

>>  10/26/2015

This is my new project for the Sakhalin ZOO park.  I have designed the soap carving Birds collection for the ZOO gift shop. Today we had a meeting at the shop. They accepted all the soap pieces. More animals images are coming up!

birds soap carving designs

sakhalin zoo gift shop

soap carving zoo collection
soap carving gifts for the Sakhalin ZOO

zoo gifts project how to sell soap carving

sakhalin gifts soap carving
At the ZOO gift shop



Art Of Cubes

>>  10/17/2015

portrait of rubik's cube

My friends have made a portrait of mine with the Rubik's cubes! It's an amazing piece of art made of 240 cubes just in 3 (!) hours.

Konstantin and Tatiana, a young family from Moscow, have a hobby called 'speedcubing'. Their 6 year old daughter is very good in solving the twisting puzzle too. "Art Of Cube" is what they do every Saturday morning with all the family together.

At the end of this post you can watch the video how they did that. They are so talented and genius, a super family!

I got my first Rubik's cube when I suppose I was eleven or twelve. I was keen on brain teasing games, so I was given a lot with the different puzzles and task books by my parents and grandparents. I have had several twisting puzzles like a pyramid, Rubik's cube, a magic snake and labyrinth puzzles. The most difficult task to me  was the Rubik's cube. I have no one to explain me an algorithm. I just randomly twisted the cube and it took me 2 years to solve it somehow one day ))

I am impressed by the skills of the family to do such things. That is super cool!

rubik's cubes art

morden art portrait



Watermelon Basket For Bikers

>>  10/13/2015

watermeln carving bikers

Watermelon basket could be so much fun when it is designed in a special way for a special person. Alex a birthday guy has been given with the cool "Biker's Watermelon".
It was not easy to make this design. It took me 3 hours to carve the bike because of the complicated design and the hard skin of the watermelon.
I like the finished centerpiece.

watermelon basket motobike design
watermelon basket wit a motobike


Garden Lantern Of Pumpkin. The Fall Craft Project

>>  9/12/2015

pumpkin lantern for garden

If you have a small green pumpkin or a large squash  you can turn it into a nicely looking lantern.
The lantern consist of 2 parts, they are a lantern body in a tube shape and a cone top.

Clean out the tube body.
Carve a pattern imitating a garden lantern.
Use the squash end part for the top. Clean out this part too and make a hole on top to let the candle's heat go out.
Decorate the top part with some simple cuts made with the U or V knives.

Build a lantern by bringing the body and the top together.
To light up the lantern take off the top, place a fire (candle) inside the body and bring the top detail back.
Be sure that you left a hole to let the heat out.

Enjoy fall crafting!

Tools used in the project:
U and V knives to decorate a top detail
Thai knife to carve a parten
Paring knife to cut vegetable
Melon baller to clean out pumpkin and squash

autunm project pumpkin craft


Disney Themed Food Idea. Apple Carving Gifts

>>  9/10/2015

fruit gifts disney themed apples

Two dozens of the cute Disney themed apples made a kids party in the playschool.
I carved more than 20 images of the different characters, they are Winny the Pooh, Stich, Mickey, Pumba, Olaf, Minion and the others.
Each apple is packed into a plastic wrap to be prevented from browning and then into a gift wrap.

aplle carving party gifts idea
Disney themed apple carving gifts

disney party food idea
Apples are packed and ready to be gifted

More Disney themed fruit displays:
Chip-n-Dale Fruit Idea
Halloween Disney Garnish From Carrot
Snow White Watermelon

Fruit Sculptures: New Ideas 2014, Photo Album

Photo album with new ideas for fun fruit sculptures and Baby Shower's fruit platters. Fruit models of Gummi Bears, Giraffe, Teddy Bear, Minion, Thomas the Tank Engine, Mickey Mouse, 9 sculptures in total with description of materials to use.
Written in English and Russian languages. PDF Download
Price: $4.75



Bear Head Pumpkin Sculpture

>>  9/01/2015

roaring bear head carving art
Roaring bear's head carved of pumpkin

3D pumpkin project

The wild nature has became a theme for my fruit display. Can you imagine this roaring bear's head placed on the top of a watermelon? And served to a fruit buffet? I did that :)

Sculptured of pumpkin this bear head has been designed for a birthday party of a man, a lover of hunting. The watermelon design is made in hunting theme too.

The bear head has been carved with Ray Villafane Pumpkin Carving Tools which are loops in different sizes and shapes. Each carving artist should have them. The Ray Villafane's 3-D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials DVD will help you to master the pumpkin art.

hunting theme fruit display watermelon carving
Hunting themed fruit display with the bear head pumpkin sculpture

pumpkin sculpture bear head watermelon design


how to pumpkin sculpture with ray villafane tools
The bear head's sculpture in the process, made with Ray Villafane's loop tools



Ikebana Arrangement With Thai Spirit

>>  6/16/2015


thai ikebana show
Floral Ikebana arrangement with Thai spirit

Happy to share my floral arrangement made for the latest Ikebana show in Yuzhno city.

This arrangement is special to me because there is a story and a memory behind it. The arrangement is a complex of three different cultures as Japanese (Ikebana art), Thai (fruit carving and Thai lantern) and Russian (my personality and my mind). It is a mix of minds, it's a path I enjoy to walk now.

In this arrangement I've focused on the Thai component. Together with the carved apples I have used a Thai lantern with a Bodhi tree. I brought this lantern from Bangkok when I was on carving art study in Malisa school. In the arrangement, the lantern is a symbol of Thai, it is a temple of Thai. It is a temple of ART. More, we show our souls by arts.  I want visitors to feel this deep message.

More photographs from the show on Facebook. Don't miss guessgames on my Facebook page!

floral ikebana arrangement show

interview for ASTV

Our teacher and a head of Sakhalin Ikebana School Mrs.Alexandra Kudryashova came to Sakhalin from Sochi (where Alexandra-sensei is residing now) to make the show. Was so great to study and to work with our beloved teacher again.

together with teacher Alexandra Kudryashova and Ikebana group

Sakhalin Study Group of Sogetsu Ikebana School, signed by Akane Teshigahara

More beauty from the Show

floral arrangement sakhalin russia

ikebana sogetsu russian sakhalin

ikebana show 2015

sogetsu ikebana sakhalin

floral and natural materials arrangements

ikebana floral arrangement show

alexandra kudryashova ikebana show 2015

sakhalin ikebana school


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